Forconthai Sealant has intended to run our business as a professional. We insist to operate a good governance, ethics, moral principle. We will follow rules, laws and duties with honesty. Moreover,  we will be as a paragon of society and we realize that we are a company who has grown up together with Thai people.
To do so, we have operated our duties based on quality, service and customer need. In return for loyalty of customer, we produce a high quality product, guarantee and transport our products. We support our customers in many ways based on customer needs. Also, we have developed our products and services in orderto keep pace with changes and global movement.
Forconthai and all employees intend to build our society for firming growth. We determine a Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS) as a main policy in order to actualize and successively conduct.
Once compensated society policy, Forconthai also has reciprocated to relative group such as our customers, suppliers and people in our organization. Good governance should be exercised in order to keep a reliability of our organization.
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