Forconthai Sealant has intended to run our business as a professional. We insist to operate a good governance, ethic, moral principle. We will follow rules, laws and duties with honesty. Moreover, we will be as a paragon of society and we realize that we are a company who has grown up together with Thai people.
Forconthai and all employees intend to build our society for firming growth. We determine a Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS) as a main policy in order to continuously actualize in the long run.
14 June 2552
Forconthai Sealant Co.,Ltd has done Givers are rich & Dogs are smile Project in 2 nd time in 14 June 2552 at KhumTharince house in order to support good project and food for stray cats and dogs.
27 December 2550
FORCON-D jointed with Pic-A-Pet 4 Home club sat up Givers are rich & Dogs are smile Project that was food donation for stray dogs. Pic-A-Pet 4 Home club was established by KhunTharinceWipuchanin and a group of people who love animals and dogs in order to assist dogs abandoned by owners from many places
15 January 2551
1 March 2551
14 February 2552
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