The Absolute Solution for Sealant
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The Absolute Solution for Sealant
We are producer and distributor of high quality sealant. In the brand of Forcon-D product, they uses for caulking door-window which is aluminum, wooden, metal, UPVC , glass work, aluminum composite material, precast wall, the grout jointed between buildings, metalsheet roofing system, plastic roof, metal roof, seam panels, synthetic wood, polycarbonate, billboards, bathroom grout work, aquarium, grout work which need painting and ect.
Forconthai Sealant has intended to run our business as a professional. We insist to operate a good governance, ethic, moral principle. We will follow rules, laws and duties with honesty. Moreover, we will be as a paragon of society and we realize that we are a company who has grown up together with Thai people.
Our company aims to operate all works based on qualities, services and customer needs in order to repay customer reliability for the company.
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