Spa is one of the health-related businesses which expands rapidly because of both internal and external supporting factors. The public and private organizations are well aware of this fast-growing industry. With the main concern of the government, the federation has set up the system and determined the implementation in the same direction according to the objective. The federation also promotes and supports the convenient, fast and up-to-date operation in order to develop sustainable growth of business to the international level.

Statement To coordinate with each other in order to promote and support the development of capabilities, standards and operation of Thai spa according to the terms, conditions and government regulations. To have the competitiveness and strong presence in the world market.
Objective of The Federation of Thai Spa

1. To develop health spa bussiness in Thailand and maintain its growth.
2. To participate in the strategic set up of government policies and plans to ensure healthy environmint and its people's wel-being.
3. To offer consultation and management service conceming spa businesses, health and every related industrial businesses.
4. To conduct seminars, exhibition and trainings in order to develop entrepreneurs efficiency in every health related business.
5. To monitor and help upgrade the quality and positive reputation of every spas and health centers and establishments.
6. To enhance cooperation and improve entrepreneurs efficiencies, customer-consumer relation.
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