How to choice the Air Curtain?

How to choice the Dock Leveler?

How to choice the PVC Strip Curtain [Top]
As PVC is compatible with numerous additives. TRANFLEX and TECHNIFLEX can be endowed with special properties:
- lncrease longevity (anti- UV treatment)
- Resistance to cold (up to 60 c )
- Anti static (anti- static quality )
- Coloured
- Resistance to shocks and tearing (reinforced)
- For welding. eye protection against U.V. and I.R radiation.
- Resistance to combustion.
How to choice the Air Curtain? [Top]
Air Curtain is usually installed above the lintel of door. When the un works, even airflow will occur at the outlet, which will effectively block the convection between indoor airflow and outdoor airflow, so as to keep the indoor temperature and humidity and prevent entry of harmful air, dust and insects, making humane access more convenient Especially in the summer, it will maintain the indoor- outdoor temperature difference in the places where air conditioning facilities are installed, so as to save energy consumption and reduce wastage of cooling facilities. In addition to the above functions, the hot air curtain used in the northern area in winter also has the heating feature. The air through the beater will form hot airflow, which will effectively block the entry of cold outdoor air while heating the indoor air, keeping the indoor temperature even
1. If the airflow is too weak, it will result in natural convection that will cause break in the air curtains, and the outdoor air will get inside.
2. Moderate airflow chosen on the basis of the location and height of door will have the best performance.
3. If the air flow is too strong, turbulent flow will occur that will cause intermingling of airflows at different temperatures.
Tips for increasing the Air Curtains efficiency
Location with the minimal outdoor or indoor airflow.
Sufficient and even indoor cool (hot) airflow.
Building depth is important than width.
Width of air curtain units is equal to or slightly important than the width of entrance or exit
No interval between the installation surface and the air curtain unit.
Air Curtains installed in all the exits or entrances of the building.
In the location where the exhaust fan is used, such as the range hood or exhaust hole, the supplementary fan (return fan) shall be set to achieve balance of positive and negative pressure, so that convection that will reduce the performance the air curtain will be avoided.
How to choice the door? [Top]
The door is the most common part of all buildings.According to the long term operation cycles and the value created in unit time.the doors are required to have stable perfoemances and a timely after-sales service system to ensure long-tem application and continuous peoduction.
How to choice a door ?
Open Way
Accoeding to your wall opening size and condition to select how to open your doors, Overhead lift, sliding or fold-up ?
Manual or Electric Operate
Electnc control box could make the door running smoothly so that to reduce the machine wears out, extends the use life lt could be controlled by button, photocell,magnetic loop,radar or remote control.
Need Windows ?
All the doors including aluminum doors,industry doors,or garage doors could add windows with different size.
Normal Speed or High Speed
Modem produce system needs more quick maternal fiow.For meet this requirement,our company have high speed doors.
The door products are listed as folloes
Industrial Sliding Door (Industrial up-sliding Door)
It is a type of special outer industnal unit door,most commonly used in industrial wokshops and logistics buildings abroad.lts vanous functions have deveioped in the lndustrial and logistics environments and are abke to meet the requirements of heat in-sulation sealing,highfrequent opening,service life,professional control and safe application. Industrial climbing doors are adopted more and more in the industrial and logistics
Projects in China nowadays.
Industrial high-speed door
Lt is a type of more special industnal unit door.The naximum opening speed of the door can be up to 1.2m/s (average speed).
The maximum instantaneous speed can be up to 2m/s. lt is mos-tly used in the connecting passageways of different units in industrial workshops and warehouses.It can separate the flowing of air to ensure that the environment unit meets the standard. Meanwhile,the high speed and efficiency of the doors can aiso ensure smooth operation. At present,most of the high speed doors on the market are rolling shuttee doors are stll imported, as the technical reqirements are strict.
Multiplex Vertical Lift Doors
Where conditions include restricted clearances, wide door opening spans, high frequency operation, high impact risk, low multiplex door is necessity.
The multiplex door includes a combination of one or more biades, designed to resist all loads, running vertically in steel angles affixed to the weight box on one side and the guide the other.
The weight box shrouds and guides the counter-weights,and,in conjunction with the header unit and guide,transmits all loade into the foundation, each blade is connected to its indlvidual counter-weight by galvanized aircraft cable suspended over bearing-loaded,machihed steel sheaves that run on solid steel shaft.
This unique design-with fewer moving parts-eliminates deterioration of hinges, roller and torsion spnngs common to other door types.
It assures near effortless operation, either by geared chain hoist or electric operator.
These special design features result in lower maintenance costs and less downtime.
Steel folding-up door widely suitabie for all kinds of factories and workshops .It is especially suitabie for the small space could save more space. Door paneis should be double deck hot-dipped gaivanized steed with embossed pinstriping surface,foamed in-place CFC-free polyurethane core and steel struts in the back.
Panel thickness:1-3/4,2
The vinyl (or bush seais )in top side and bottom get over the old seals which easy worn, easy aging, slow change to the environment and etc. lt prolongs the use life.
Operate way: Manual or Electrical
Hanger Door
Aircraft hangar doors are designed for special environment where doors are exposed to moisture. cold or dusts or for customers having very large door openings. The aircraft hangar door consists of solid, heavy and anticorrosion components.
The electric control system consists of sealed motors for effective prevention of dust erosion, ensuring the stability of the electric control system,
Examples of areas where aircraft hangar doors are widely used are timber, drying kilns, the steel and melting industry ,mineral processing, the fishing industry, shipyards and aircraft hangars.
Nonstandard Door
Industry Sliding Door
Electnical sliding doors systems are widely auited for all kinds of workshops, warehouse, large garage doors in lndustral and commercial fields.
According to the side space of the entrance,single direction or against direction,single blade or multiplex-blades,beeline or curve could be option-ed. Door supports stye:Top suspended and bottom support should be avallabel.Door frame, pass door frame and joint of the paneis should be special high-strength alloy metal .lt reduces the weight of the door and looks more beautiful.
The vinyl seais (or bush seais) in top side and bottom get over the old seais which easy worn,easy aging,slow change the environment and etc.,it prolongs the use life.
How to choice the Dock shelter?  [Top]
Dock Shelter
Pad shelter
lt achieves the sealing effect through the extrusion of the compartment. Lts sealing is relatively good but it requires unified model of all compartment trucks.unified model of all compartment trucks.
Curtain type shelter
lt achieves the sealing effect through the extrusion of the highly elastic shelter curtain to truck compartment and is suitable to large trucks.
Air-inflated shelter
lt achieves the seaing effect by filling the air bags around the goods opening to wreap up the compartment. Lt has very good sealing effect and is commonly used in the dock open-ings for food and medicine that require high cleanness. Lt is suitsble to large and medium size trucks.
How to choice the Dock leveler? [Top]
Bridges for loading and unloading goods.
Mechanic dock leveler
It is the most common adjustable leveler now. It use the mechanic and spring to adjust the bridge up after open when want to use it the user will walk on the dock, it will be down. It easy to maintain, repair and cheap
Hydraulic dock leveler
It is the safety adjustable leveler now. It uses hydraulic cylinders as the adjusting devices and is equipped with electric controls. The operation is convenient and the performance is reliable. It is extensively applied because of its stable operation and safety.
Air bag dock leveler
Work theory of air pocket dock leveler is low-pressure and high capacity charge. Adjust the dock lever through airbag inflate, safe and quick, sturdy and durable. It is easy to maintain and repair.
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